Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonked heads, Fire Drills, and Lock Downs

When I picked up Zander from school on the day before yesterday, he was holding some ice to his forehead and looking forelorn. The after-care teacher said he was having a rough day. Apparently, he fell twice and hit his head both times. Zander recounted the incidents to me and said he was "...a little cranky because he hadn't been feeling that well since September or maybe even August." I did my best not to laugh.

In other Zander news, he has had a few fire drills at school and even a "lock down," all of which seem to be freaking him out a bit. (This is understandable in my book -- fires and lock downs freak me out too.) We assure him that we'll keep him safe, but he asks good follow-up questions: "What if we don't smell the smoke and the alarm doesn't work?" "Can we get sprinklers in the house?""What if all the firefighters are busy with other fires?" "What if the whole street is on fire?"What if all of Virginia is on fire?" (Okay, so maybe not all of them are good questions.)

I do my best to honestly answer his questions, but this is part of parenting that just stumps me. If *I* spend too much time thinking about all the things that can happen to my family and friends, I'm right where he is. It's no wonder that fire safety/awareness is often introduced by benign and cute little cartoon characters...

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