Saturday, November 21, 2009

From the desk of...The Tooth Fairy

Not entirely sure how this came about, but Zander seemed to think that he would get a note from the tooth fairy along with some money. (Prior to when the tooth fell out I asked him how much money he thought the tooth fairy would leave and he said "maybe $100 or something." I quickly adjusted his expectations.)

Anyway, this is the note we left (with $1):

It was signed "The Tooth Fairy," but that got cut off when I converted it for posting here.

Regardless, below is the note I wanted to leave. (Double click on it if it's too small to read.)


Melissa and Peter said...

Leave the second note - braces cost over 500 sushi dinners!!!

JCB said...

You're the 2nd person who pointed out the cost of braces, but the 1st to point it out relative to sushi dinners!