Friday, November 13, 2009


We are really trying hard not to pigeonhole Cassandra . I believe that children will often rise to even unspoken expectations and if we feel that she is the child who will be a "handful," then indeed, she will turn out to be so.

Yet as mentioned once before, she is so different from how Zander was at this age. It seems that she is "into everything" and needs constant supervision. She will bee-line to the one item in a room that is not baby safe. Her latest stage is crying real tears if we take something away from her, say a plug or other item equally unsafe. Her behavior is totally age-appropriate though and we know that.

So, I prefer to think of her as an intrepid and detail-oriented explorer who is hungry for new things and physical challenges. Has a more positive spin, yes?

We were not entirely surprised, however, when her daycare providers (who apparently are not trying as hard as we are not to pigeonhole her) were printing out photos and captions for decorations and gave us this extra one to take home:

Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but she has climbed up onto the table, apparently to get to another child's food.

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