Monday, November 30, 2009

Triple Threat Treat

For reasons that are too long to explain, Cassandra and I ended up staying in Northern Virginia this Thanksgiving while the rest of the family went to Annapolis and Rehoboth, DE. As a result, I got lots of good video of Cass. When I downloaded the video from the camera, I created a file called "Cass being Cass," which seems to fit these.

This first one is my personal favorite as is shows her meticulously opening a desk drawer in our office. Just when we think we've baby-proofed enough...

Toward the end of this clip, Cassandra does the baby sign version of "help" (patting her hand against her chest). Although she knows some signs, for the most part she does them when we say the word, as opposed to pro-actively (if that makes any sense).

In this last extreme close-up video, I turned the view screen around so she could see herself and she was fascinated.


Anonymous said...

Why did you have to stay behind? I wish you would have let us know - you could have joined us!

JCB said...

Cass was potentially sick with something contagious and we couldn't risk infecting everyone. The good news is she didn't have it. And to be honest, she and I ended up having some wonderful quality time together.