Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Resemblance, Part II

In my office I have lots of photos of Zander and Cassandra. For reasons I'm not entirely sure, I also have a baby picture of me on the cork board. (I'm thinking maybe we had one of those "guess-which-baby-is-which-staff-person" games or something.) Anyway, my mom is visiting and noticed a resemblance between me as a baby and Cassandra...

I'm on the left or on top, depending upon how your monitor is displaying the photos.

I wanted to cheer. In fact, I think I did. *Everyone* says the children look like Brad. Once -- after meeting Zander -- someone in my office said, "He must look like your husband because he doesn't look a thing like you!" But as these photos show, there is some of me in there too!

P.S. Family resemblance, part I is here.

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