Monday, December 14, 2009

Fastest Year of My Life

My sweet baby turned a year old on Friday. I can't believe it. Everyone always said it would go fast, and it has. Fastest year of my life.

I was all set to update -- for the record -- how her sleep has improved (since I complained about it so much here). Alas, the last few nights have been pretty bad on that front though. She took a few wobbly steps yesterday and often developmental milestones can disrupt sleep. So we're hoping that is part of this recent wake-up every few hours phenomenon. In addition, she's working on some new chompers and continues to struggle with the endless runny nose -> ear infection cycle. Poor thing has so much snot. We've got an appointment with the ENT to decide if ear tubes are in her future.

In other news, this phase of baby-dom is pretty darn cute. Ask her to dance and she lifts her arms, waves them back and forth, and shakes her body side to side. Ask her to say Zander and she distinctly says, "Zzzzzzzzzzzz." Ask her to put her Taggies blanket in the crib and she drops it right in.

Ask her to say "Mama" and she still distinctly says "Dada."


Kelly O said...

AAWWW!! Happy birthday to your little one!

JCB said...

A belated "thanks" Kelly.