Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ghost Town at Sundown

This is the first chapter book that Zander read by himself, cover to cover. (He's listened to a few of the Magic Tree House series on CD before and regularly checks out the books during trips to the school library, but this was the first one he completed on his own.)

Wondering whether he was really comprehending it, I would casually ask him questions about the story. He told me all about a piano that played by itself, a cowboy named Slim, and a song named "Red River Valley." I was amazed for sure. He was so proud of himself for finishing it though -- came running up to me when I picked him up from after-school care to tell me had read "all ten chapters!"

I feel somewhat strange posting this here, as believe it or not, we I try not to brag on the children too much. But, I wanted to commemorate this milestone.

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