Monday, January 18, 2010

The 'Three Penny' Incident

I went to pick up Zander from the aftercare program at his school last Friday and he excitedly showed me some coins that he did NOT have when he went to school. I asked where he got them and he wouldn't tell me. He kept saying that he would have to give them back if he told me and kept asking why he "had" to tell me. He was pretty upset about all of it. This went on for a few minutes and my mind was going crazy with ideas, but I tried to stay calm.

Finally after a lot of coaxing, he told me that he had seen an older boy eat part of another boy’s gingerbread house and that the older boy said that he would pay Z if he didn't tell the after-care teachers about it. At this point, I was relieved that Zander told me what had happened and that the truth wasn't something more serious. So, home we went. I figured we had the weekend to sort through it.

There are so many things wrong with this, we weren't sure where to start. Talk with the aftercare program teachers (or was that over-reacting)? Explain to Zander how he should never take money from anyone for anything (other than family and friends under numerous circumstances and other exceptions)? Try to explain bribery and collusion to our impressionable 5.5 year old?

However, we keep joking about how he was paid only three cents -- yup you got that right -- a whopping three cents to sell his soul. I'm kidding! Kidding!

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