Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worried, but moving forward

So it turns out it is a whole lot easier (for me) to blog when things are going great. Look at how cute my children are! Hear all those funny things the are saying?! Hooray! Turns out it's not so easy when things aren't going so great.


The Eldest Child
Something is up with Zander and we're not sure what it is. I won't go into all the details here. I'm not even sure I should be posting any of this publicly. But, our formerly almost always happy child, whose moods were typical of any five-year-old boy, is having bouts of extreme sadness and sometimes intense power struggles that dissolve into irrational tantrum-like behavior that we haven't seen since he was three (if even then).

We kept hoping it would pass -- and it would -- for a weekend if we were lucky, and then only for a day. Even as I type this, I hope it has passed. Please, please, let this be some kind of strange, quick phase. Nothing has been more painful for me/us then seeing and hearing about the 'episodes' Z is having. (Sorry to be dramatic, but I am worried sick.) But, after visits and/or calls with the pediatrician, the guidance counselor, his teachers, etc. I don't think it will magically disappear.

So, we move forward, hoping this is a blip on the radar screen of Zander's childhood and our parenting journey. I'll post more when there is more to know.

The Younger Child
Cass has some combination of a stomach virus (which was going around her daycare center) and a really bad cold. The cold seems to have settled in her bronchial tubes so the doctor had us get an x-ray of her lungs to be sure they were clear. (They were.) She has been prescribed medication whose delivery method is the oh-so-fun nebulizer. Meanwhile, we're trying to keep her hydrated. She keeps throwing up (including at the x-ray place, in the car, in her high chair, on me, on Brad, etc.). Yes, we've tried only clear liquids, only breast milk, only applesauce, only sushi -- we've tried it all (except for the sushi). Here's a photo (taken with my phone) of her with the mask from the nebulizer:

The Husband
Like a comedy of errors, Brad has now come down with the stomach virus. But, his version comes with a fever and chills. And let me tell you, Brad is usually healthy as a horse. Even when he is not healthy, he rarely complains. (I, on the other hand, am usually drama queen extraordinaire. Think "Oooooooh, my pinky toe hurts! Someone call the doctor. Think I need to go to the e.r.? Let's keep talking about my pinky toe ad nauseum.")


So, here we are. I am confident that we will get better. (This is uncharacteristic, as I am usually quite the "glass-half-empty" kind of gal.) I'm just hoping that we get better before a long-scheduled, long-awaited trip to Colorado on Friday.


Melissa and Peter said...

Oy! Sending a cross country virtual hug. Hang in there!! Xoxo

Ziva said...

Oh Jillie,
I'm so sorry. You've had it really rough. And that picture of Cass just breaks my heart, poor lil' thing. But I'm sure the most upsetting of it all is your worry about Zander. It sucks to live in the unknown (as you know I know well). I'm sorry I don't have any sage advice. All I can say is hang in there. Those kids have great parents who'll do whatever it takes to make them happy and healthy! Love you.

Wait, I do have one small piece of advice. Don't be afraid to push for more answers, a second opinion, specialists, etc...whatever it takes. I've become a pushy broad since having Zoe. Okay, I was always a pushy broad but you know what I mean!

mixtapetherapy said...

Wow Jill...this completely sucks. Please call me when you get back from vacation. I'm here for you.

JCB said...

Thanks all for the support. It really helps.