Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Colorado Vacation 2010, Part I

So, here we are. Home! For awhile there, I wasn't sure when we would make it. Our original flight was cancelled due to "Snowmageddon" and then we barely made it into BWI airport before it closed for "Snoverkill." Our house was still standing and some neighbors snow-blowed (is that a word?) our driveway for us. (Otherwise, we really couldn't have gotten into our house without hours and hours of shoveling.)

Our offices are closed. Suitcases are half unpacked and we're all adjusting to the time difference.

It's been a long few weeks, what with the sickness that made it way through the family before vacation that put the trip itself in jeopardy to the glorious trip itself that made up for the pre-travel stress to weather that has just closed Fairfax County Schools for the rest of the week.

Below are some pictures of the house we stayed it for part of the trip. It was actually not the one we originally had reservations for, as there was a misunderstanding about transportation to and from the ski slopes from that house. Personally, I was relieved the first house didn't work out as it had two sets of open-air stairs. (Think of a million little places for a baby to stick her legs, arms, head, etc.)

The house:

The outside apre-ski hot tub:

Some of the decor:

One of the 'towel-animals' created by housekeeping daily:

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