Monday, February 22, 2010

Colorado Vacation 2010, Part V (Family)

It's what it is all about really. We had so much (but never enough) family time on this trip. It was time for my parents to get to know Cassandra who is developing into her own little person. And time for Z to continue his growing relationship with his older cousins and my brother and his wife, Erin. (I must say Erin, mother to two boys ages 8 and 10, seems to have a surplus of patience, but that is another post entirely. But, I digress.)

The cousins slept in the same room (which they have done for two previous ski trips as well). But this time there were bunk beds! In addition to the things I have already posted about, during the time that we were in Colorado, together they:
  • played card games, pool, Wii;
  • celebrated Ben's 8th birthday complete with laser tag;
  • went skiing, snow-tubing, and ice-skating (as posted here);
  • relaxed in the hot tub, etc. etc.

It was a great trip. I feel ridiculously blessed. Some additional photos below.

My dad hanging out with Cassandra while she colors:

My mom showing Cass the view from their condo in Boulder:

Cousins Ben and Zander, post hot tub, PJ-ed, and ready for bed:

A nice photo of Brad and Zander after snow-tubing:

P.S. Part VI and VII tomorrow. KIDDING!

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Rebecca Fox said...

What a GREAT photo! I want a copy. Looks like you all had a fabulous time.