Friday, February 12, 2010

Colordo Vacation 2010, Part II (The Skiing)

Skiing. It was great. I got in more runs than I had anticipated (considering we have a 13-month-old who needed supervision). As a result, Brad and I didn't actually have a chance to ski with each other, but we both got in enough skiing to be sore. And as mentioned here, I rocked the recreational ski racing. (Note: If we ever ski together, don't misconstrue this to mean that I am always fast. I am fast for 30 seconds or so and then...I rest.)

Z took a few lessons and did great. One day when we went to pick him up, he was crying and the ski instructor said, "He is so hard on himself! He did great," to which Zander chimed in: "No, I didn't!" (This being hard on himself is a recurring theme these days. We hear it regularly from teachers and caregivers.) Regardless, some pics:

And here is Cassandra, eating some snow:

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Susan said...

Zander also went ice skating along with his cousing Ben and Aunt Erin. Grandma Susan was an observer. After using a walker for a while on the ice(yes, these look very similar to geriatric walkers), both boys did great. Ben was ready for ice hockey.