Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Zander is in such an interesting place right now. He turns six in less than a month. I just answered a barrage of questions about war -- about who are our allies and who are our "enemies." Believe me, these are tough questions to answer in a way that won't cause nightmares in a child who got nightmares from The Little Mermaid. (That Ursula woman *was* scary!)

After I answer or deflect the questions, he runs to his room to get something to read before bed and brings back a Sesame Street book called, "Watch out for Banana Peels." From war to Elmo and back.

Tangentially related....slavery! In the past three months or so he has learned about slavery in the context of Abraham Lincoln (at kindergarten), Passover (from sunday school at synagogue), and then recently from the book Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria (written by a colleague of Brad's). Two separate times last weekend he wanted to play some sort of "slave" thing with other children. Luckily, it was easy to explain to the other parents. Not so easy to explain to Zander. He asks good questions though and seems to grasp the injustice of it. Then, before I know it, he's back to watching the Backyardigans while sucking his thumb. A dichotomy I tell you.

All of the war and slavery talk reminds me of an Ellis Paul song called Nine Months to Fix this World, which he wrote when his wife was newly pregnant. (If you're interested you can listen to part of it here. Choose #13.) How I wish we didn't have to explain these things to our children...ever!

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