Monday, May 3, 2010

My head hurts just thinking about it

As most parents know by now, there was a big recall of children's Tylenol and Motrin products a few days ago. Not sure what this says about us as parents, but here is a photo of the products that we had in the house that are part of the recall:

Honestly, it has something to do with surviving an overseas trip with a sick Zander when he was about nine months old. We ran out of medicine. He was miserable. I was miserable. We made everyone else on the trip miserable. Now I stock the house with anything and everything we (or anyone else) might ever need. We keep a spare in each diaper bag (yes, we have spare diaper bags too).

Okay, so I know what this says about us me... I'm neurotic. And now I'm out eight bottles of infant pain reliever.


shorty's mom said...

I feel your pain! I'm out 6 bottles of Tylenol and Motrin- three brand new.. bought during the week of swine flu.
And I'm so paranoid about being without- I went and bought the generic CVB brand yesterday just so there's something in the house.

shorty's mom said...

by the way,
shorty's mom is Wendy Wilk... hee hee.

kristi said...

I have the list out on my counter but I just can't bear to grab the bin of medicine to compare. I'm fairly certain my line up will look just like yours....and didn't we just purge all our children's motrin and tylenol only a few months ago?

LCM said...

you know you can get full refund for every single one? That's probably $80 for you.

JCB said...

Yes, we already called (since we had so many) to get the refund. For the record, I found two more bottles!