Monday, May 10, 2010

"My mother laughs when..."

I am curmudgeon about certain 'holidays' (Valentine's Day for example), mostly thinking that they are greeting card holidays.

But, this mother's day rocked. I asked for a few things -- to sleep "in" and to have the inside of my car cleaned. And I got both. Sort of. (I got up to nurse Cass around 6:15am then went back to bed. Zander came in to give me a hug at 7:01am, but I went back to sleep after that. Finally, everyone came in for family teeth brushing at around 8:12pm (long story), but still -- I was in bed!) Brad went to drop Zander off for an activity and he came back with a clean car AND a latte. Life was good.

Later on, I was presented with a multitude of homemade treasures. One page of a book that Zander made for me at school made me feel especially "seen" (to use some therapy jargon).

Allow me to translate. It says, "My mother laughs when...she talks to the computer." The illustration shows me sitting in a chair facing a computer. I'm saying "HA HA" and the computer is saying "You've got male [sic]." Not sure what this says about my parenting. You'll just have to trust me that the other pages had lots of stuff about how much I love him, yada yada.


kristi said...

Love it! In four years I have yet to receive a school-made card that doesn't list "because she takes me to the toy-store" as one of the reasons I am loved. #1 finally left it off the list this year but #2 picked up where he left off.

Susan said...

Your mother laughed looking at the drawing. The mother figure has some Picasso aspects with a Dolly Parton influence.

JCB said...

Mom -- I'm pretty sure those are supposed to be my arms!