Thursday, May 27, 2010

So much to blog little time.

Sigh. So much to blog about, so little time. We're in this stage of life where I feel like it will be forever before I can actually, ever relax again. But that's a post for another day.

Where was I? Right -- so much to blog about. Like for example, Zander and his old friend Elizabeth reuniting for their umpteenth Milkshake concert:

Here they are in 2007 at their first Milkshake concert together:

Or, I could do a post about Cassandra's first experience with ketchup and how now we can't even say the word "ketchup" much less put the bottle on the table without an endless amount of moaning and pointing until we squirt some for her to try to pick up with her fingers. We keep saying (and showing), "Ketchup is for dipping Cassandra," not to wear.

Or, I could talk about how we were spoiled by professional family photos by Jessica of Portrait Playtime and instead we now get these awkward, standard school photos:

(Photos that arrive -- mind you -- smashed in a backpack and surrounded by sticks, random drawings, and leftover lunch.)

Or I could post about how Brad's 'best man' and his wife came to visit from the big apple for a few short, special days. (He's a gallery owner and she teaches violin and plays on Broadway -- doesn't get much more New York City than that.) Their daughter is exactly one month older than Cassandra and they're the kind of people who, even though we rarely see them, feel like family. And look -- naked babies trying to hug each other:

Yeah, there's lots to blog about. Just not enough time! Life is full and that's a good thing. Just keep reminding me.

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