Friday, May 21, 2010

Sword fighting and Sack Races

Last weekend, Zander and Brad took one of our semi-annual trips to Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Market Fair (mentioned previously here and here) while I was home with a napping Cassandra. This might sound like I got the raw end of the deal, but I was napping too.

Anyway, this trip Brad caught some photos that really give a flavor of the event.

The sword fighting demonstration (Note: that is Zander sitting in the front row with the red baseball cap):

Bobbing for apples:

On an old-fashioned see-saw:

Some random geese:

A short video of a quick sack race, which oddly, Zander won:

And finally, we could no longer avoid letting Zander using his own money to by a pop gun. It looks like this one. He pretty much hasn't put it down since. Call us crazy, but it's the first of this type of play weapon that we have had in the house (other than the occasional water gun, which we naively tried to refer to as a water "shooters").

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