Thursday, May 13, 2010

This couldn't have been worth my time.

(And yes, I am aware that my handwriting is terrible.)


Susan said...

BEWARE. We were expecting a $20 rebate. When it was much overdue, I checked (ha, ha)on it. It was sent in the form of a postcard that I probably tossed. The company (Staples rebate)did reissue it. I went through the mail very carefully until it finally came. On casual observation you would never know it's a check.

kristi said...

That actually gave me a good idea.
I should put my 6 year old on the task of rebates. He loves money. I bet he could actually make some if we paid attention to all the deals out there... and his time is far less valuable than mine. Right?

JCB said...

Kristi -- that is a GREAT idea. Maybe split the proceeds or something like that? Either way -- submit it to parenthacks: