Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking things literally

I have always been fascinated by -- and had fun with -- language development and children. And now Cassandra is at that age where every day she learns a new word (clock! moon! broken!) and funny misunderstandings regularly occur. Here's one from the other day...

When Zander asks for more of something before finishing what he already has, for years I have said, "Sure! Fill your tummy with what's on your plate and you can have more of [insert food item here]." So, when Cassandra was indicating that she wanted more water, I told her the same thing -- to fill her tummy with what was in her cup and I'd give her more. She looked at me oddly and then took her sippy cup and tipped it toward her belly button.

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LCM said...

Caden does/did the same thing. Now he knows its a joke, but still will put the food directly onto his belly for fun.