Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kindergarten Extravaganza!

Zander's school had their big song and dance "Kindergarten Extravaganza" last week. There was a lot of hype leadinp up to it, both from the school and from the Z man. Thanks to some babysitting by Grandma Paula, Brad and I were able to go sans Cassandra so we could actually pay attention to the show.

Zander did just fine as you will in first few clips below, although he was tired and coming down with a cold.

This song is called "The Alphabet Boogie." It's hard to tell but the children had some fancy footwork going on:

Zander refers to this next number as Rockamotion. What I like about the clip is that, if you look carefully, you can see Zander winking at me. See, his teacher told him that actors and actresses don't wave in the middle of their perfomance. So when he noticed me, he winked instead. He had done this earlier in the performance too, in response to me waving at him. (Look, who knew? It was almost instict.) Anyway...

And finally, here a few outtakes where we caught him yawning and/or feeling out his pockets or playing with his "junk" as Brad called it. He did this throughout much of the performance. I was trying to guess all the thing he might have had in that pocket (Star Wars lego people? rocks?), but Brad says that little boys just like to play with their penises and that is what he was doing. At one point when I saw the thumb go in the mouth (Zander still sucks his thumb), I gasped and said something to Brad along the lines of, "Aaaaaaand there's the thumb!" Brad asked me which I would prefer him doing -- sucking his thumb or playing with his "junk." I had no answer.

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