Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cassandra at Discovery Woods

My sweet baby. Only she's not a baby anymore. She's practically a little girl.

Last week Cassandra started full-time at Discovery Woods, the same preschool Zander attended (mentioned a number of times on this blog). She is in the toddler program. While it's nowhere near as convenient for us since she used to be at the daycare onsite at Brad's office, we are thrilled that she is getting this experience.

She comes home every day having gone through at least one change of clothes -- often two or three -- from either painting, playing with or in sand or water, etc. There was a time when this might have bothered me. Now, I expect it and even hope that she gets dirty enough and has enough to fun to warrant a change of clothing.

Here she is on a walk with our godson Caden, who also attends Discovery Woods:

(If you look closely in the video clip above you can see Zander in the brown striped shorts, who is at summer camp at Discovery Woods, digging a trench. They are at different campuses for most of the day though.)

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