Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Summer of Swimming

Just catching up on some posts. Sorry I've been away from the blog for awhile and posting has been light.

These are some swimming highlights from this summer. It's been a transitional few months for Zander who now happily jumps off diving boards and swims in the deep end. Cassandra continues to be fearless and the joy she appears to get from swimming (and water in general) seems limitless. Brad has been wanting to write a post about the children and swimming as he has taken the lead on everything from their swim lessons to schlepping everything to the pool, but life has gotten in the way as it so often does.

But, isn't she cute? Looks clearly like a girl to me in these photos, but often people comment on how cute *he* is or they try to find a gender neutral way of referring to Cass. I can tell they're just not sure. I don't care though. Or at least I don't *think* I care.

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