Monday, September 27, 2010

"Beep Beep!" OR "More Seltzer Please"

Cassandra is in the midst of a fascinating (to me at least) developmental phase of language and I've been meaning to document it for some time.

My car is not a car, but instead it is "Mommy's beep beep!" My phone is not a phone, but rather it's "Mommy's 'Hi.'" An airplane is not a plane but instead it's an "Up! Up!"

Zander remains to be "Zzzzzz." In the morning after she wakes up she asks, "Zzzzzz sleeping?" When she sees his shoes she says, "Zzzzzzz's shoes!" She has been referring to her brother like this for months now. Sometimes I even catch myself saying something such as, "Let's go pick up Zzzzzz."

Interestingly -- and very much a 2nd child thing -- Cassandra can perfectly ask for seltzer. (As anyone who spends time with us knows, our family drinks a ton of seltzer water.) Recently we've been letting Zander join in on the fizzy fun and every now and then Cassandra too. The results are shown in the video below...

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