Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glad I'm not in 1st Grade

My son's 1st grade math homework leaves me dumbfounded. Not sure if this says more about my poor math skills or more about the specific work of Zander's class. (No jokes please, Brad.) Below are a few questions from today's work. The sheet was titled, "At the Park" and the directions said to "Read the clues. Solve the problems."

1. There are 16 red, yellow, and purple flowers by a bench. There are 4 more yellow flowers than red flowers. There are 2 more purple flowers than yellow flowers. How many are there of each flower?

On the backside of the sheet the theme was "Snack Time" and the directions were to "Solve the problems. Draw pictures to help you."

1. There are pears, oranges, and bananas in a bowl. There are 12 fruits in all. There are twice as many pears as there are oranges. There is the same number of bananas and oranges. How many pears are there?_____ How many oranges are
there?_____ How many bananas are there?_____

Not impossible, sure. But that's some challenging stuff. Clearly, I am not made for 1st grade.


Susan said...

Finally decided to concentrate and try to figure out the problems. Don't know if first graders are expected to set up algerbraic equations or make logical guesses. I know that this grandmother of a first grader could only make logical guesses.

First problem: Six yellow flowers, two red and eight purple.
Second problem: Six pears and three each of the bananas and oranges.

kristi said...

Just wait until next year. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet. And having a retired 2nd grade teacher for a Grandmother.