Monday, September 27, 2010

"Beep Beep!" OR "More Seltzer Please"

Cassandra is in the midst of a fascinating (to me at least) developmental phase of language and I've been meaning to document it for some time.

My car is not a car, but instead it is "Mommy's beep beep!" My phone is not a phone, but rather it's "Mommy's 'Hi.'" An airplane is not a plane but instead it's an "Up! Up!"

Zander remains to be "Zzzzzz." In the morning after she wakes up she asks, "Zzzzzz sleeping?" When she sees his shoes she says, "Zzzzzzz's shoes!" She has been referring to her brother like this for months now. Sometimes I even catch myself saying something such as, "Let's go pick up Zzzzzz."

Interestingly -- and very much a 2nd child thing -- Cassandra can perfectly ask for seltzer. (As anyone who spends time with us knows, our family drinks a ton of seltzer water.) Recently we've been letting Zander join in on the fizzy fun and every now and then Cassandra too. The results are shown in the video below...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Same building, different floor

My office moved last week (same building, different floor) and over the weekend I went in to unpack some of the many crates I had filled. Turned out you can accumulate a lot of crap stuff you don't need when you work in the same place for over ten years.

Brad stopped by with the children and to help me arrange things in my new space. While this picture isn't the best quality, it gives you an idea of just how much can be packed into one of the crates. (And as you can see the offending tooth finally came out.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st Grade Self-Portrait

He's the one in the middle. ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fire Drills and Lockdowns

Fire drills have always freaked Zander out. Of course we didn't realize this until last year at the start of kindergarten after he experienced his first real drill. For weeks afterwards, we endured question after question about what *we* would do in a fire.

Truth be told, they were all good questions, like so many of the other ones that come out of this boy. But, they aren't necessarily questions that adults (me) are willing to entertain in their psyches for long periods of time. Think along the lines of "What happens if we don't hear the the alarm?" Regardless, last year as a result of Zander's good questions, we went out and got a ladder so we could at least escape from the 2nd floor if needed.

Well, today was another fire drill at school. At bedtime he told me again how he doesn't like them. He said the alarm almost "broke off my ears." What follows is a list of *some* of the questions he asked.

  • Do we have a ladder? [I was proud to say, "Yes! We do have a ladder!"}
  • What if I don't hear the alarm and you have to carry me down the stairs and there are flames on them?
  • What if we can't call 911? I wish it were shorter than three numbers!
  • How will they know where our house is?
  • Can fire get through doors? What about wooden doors?

As the questioning went on (and on), my instinct told me this was a losing battle. I finally told him to think happy thoughts about building ships with legos (a recent obsession) and about his friend's upcoming birthday party. As I write this, I am considering e-mailing his teacher to see if we can get a heads-up about when the "lockdown drill" will be occuring this year. I am so not ready for those questions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st Grade Country Bumpkin

Zander started first grade this week. I'd post pictures from the big day but I don't have any since our camera broke some weeks ago. Here's one taken this morning with my handy phone:

Not sure if you can tell from this photo or not, but he has a crooked front tooth. The looser it gets the more crooked it appears. Someone recently told me how this same thing happened to her son right before an important family event. The term she used to refer to how her son looked at the time was "country bumpkin."