Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ah, so very much to blog about. I do hope to steal a few hours sometime soon to post more about our holidays. (As some already know, January is a busy time for my organization.)

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In the meantime, this quick post is about "very." Early in my undergraduate journalism studies, I had a reporter-turned-professor that loathed the word "very." He didn't want us to use it in news stories -- or any other stories for that matter. Although I'm sure that professor would have objected to Cassandra's use of "very," I think it's pretty adorable even if not quite right:

  • About water in the bath: "That's very, very wet!"

  • About the sound machine in her room: "That very off!"

While we're talking about current favorite phrases here's another few:

  • "My have a BIG, BIG, big poo poo!
  • "Do you have a BIG, BIG poo poo?"
  • "Baby [doll] has BIG, BIG big poo!"

I realize that no one outside of my immediate family cares about this stuff and that posting such things adds fodder to the jokes about mommy blogging. But her babyhood / toddler-hood is going so very fast. I just want to document some of it before it's completely gone.

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BCK said...

Jillie, if anyone objects to your choice of blog subject matter, I say they are very, very full of big, big poo poo!