Thursday, February 24, 2011

My baby is 2!

Actually -- Cassandra has been two for more than two months already. I just never got around to finishing this post. And also, she's not a baby anymore and will even tell you as much. She walks and talks and sings and dances and jumps and screams and has a personality all her own. She wants to do everything herself and is frustrated that sometimes she cannot. She is as fearless as her brother was cautious at this age. (One could argue that his caution was a result of -- or at least supported by -- my "first child" nervousness.)

For the most part, Cassandra adores her older brother and will pretty much copy whatever he says or does. This makes 1st visits to the dentist a breeze. It also (usually) makes things like riding in an infant swing or sitting in a high-chair out of the question.

She loves to cook. At the risk of never having dinner guests at our house again, here she is in a montage from 'cooking' sessions with Brad, Grandma Susan, and Auntie Jenna (all taken months ago).

I am head-over-heals in love with every ounce of this strong-willed little girl. Remind me that I said that come the teenage years.

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