Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Tribute to Lisa on her Birthday

This is an tribute to my dearest friend who also happens to be my cousin. She turns the big 4-0 today and having just experienced this same 'big' birthday, I am taking this opportunity to express myself about her and our lifelong friendship.

We've know each other since we were young girls...

....although from the very start, our purpose together seemed to be to act older than we were. Think of pre-tweens putting oranges in their shirts and pretending to be hookers. (Wait, what? You didn't do that too? Oh, forget it then.) We had x-rated inside jokes that dissolved us into fits of uncontrollable giggles, which in hind sight, we didn't even understand ourselves. None of that mattered though.

She's who I call when I need to vent or cry or laugh or share something embarrassing and/or disgusting. I say "call" because she lives in California which sometimes feels worlds away from D.C. When we lived in the same city we had the capacity to be dangerous and quite silly together. See, for example, a Halloween on which we chose to dress slutty like twin jesters. (What you've never heard of kissin' cousin twin jesters? Oh, forget it then.)

Over the years, we've traveled together -- although not nearly as much as either one of us would have liked. Here we are on our way home from a jaunt to Boston...

...and in Amsterdam...

...and San Francisco, which she now calls home with her husband Chris and daughter Zoe.

She stood with me when I got married, and I with her.

She's cuddled my babies, showered them with thoughtful gifts, and clothed my little girl with hand-me-downs from her well-dressed daughter (and has thrown in some adorable etsy purchases which I couldn't afford myself).

I know that deep down she thinks she doesn't deserve any tribute, but I am quite sure that she does. My life would be so much emptier without her. I daydream of us as old Jewish ladies reminiscing about our exploits. Wait, I think we *are* there already.

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY LISA! I love you.

P.S. I also know that she has never seen a photo of herself that got 100% approval (much like me) and that I am taking some serious risks posting these.

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