Monday, March 21, 2011

Born to Be Wild

I embed the video below for posterity. I do not expect anyone other than the parents (and perhaps grandparents) of these two wild boys to watch the entire thing through. And honestly, we've already watched it. But, I do think it needs to be preserved.

Here's the backstory: Zander has been a fan of the song "Born to be Wild" ever since he was first exposed to it in "Dooby, Dooby Moo" of the "Click Clack Moo" series. Fast forward a year or two to this week. During his school's annual "fun fair' (aka a fundraiser for the school where hundreds of children run around trying earn prizes and win raffles). Zander and his friend Max decided to perform the song on the karaoke stage. Zander is on vocals and Max has some rad moves. Oh -- right beforehand they had their hair done in the makeshift salon, hence the green and pink mohawks...

Video shot by Max's dad, John V.

For the record, this is Zander's 2nd official karaoke performance. His first was during a recent birthday party at the l0cal "Bach to Rock." And yes, I realize the subtle irony between the subject matter of the songs in the last post juxtaposed with the lyrics of "Born to Be Wild."


Kelly O said...

Ow, my uterus! That was a sucker punch, man. Insanely adorable.

JCB said...

Hi Kelly. I'm sure Thea and Liam could do some seriously adorable rocking of their own.