Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hitting the Jackpot

The fun fair (mentioned in the last post) has a raffle. In fact, they raffle off about 30 or 40 things from electronics (Wii, Xbox) to activities. Zander won "Principal for a day."

Let me back up a bit and say that the elementary school that Zander attends has an enrollment of 970+ students. The principal is a rock star. Now part of that is because the current principal is charasmatic, well-qualified, and good at his job. The other part is because, well, he's the principal!

We pretty much assumed that Zander wouldn't win anything in the raffle because the chances were slim given the high participation. When we got the call that he *did* win and it was "Principal for the Day," we felt pretty darn lucky. Now that he has actually been "Principal for the Day," we're sure that he (and we) won the jackpot. Here is *some* of what he did during his day-long tenure:

  • walked around the entire school outside to make sure things were safe and the buses were coming in on time;
  • made a decision with the PE teacher about the parallel bars;
  • went into all the kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and most 6th grade classes;
  • answered questions from children in each of the classrooms;
  • signed some budget paperwork (not real);
  • signed a leave slip for a staff person (real decision, but with the principal's prior approval);
  • made a decision about an item to include in the school's weekly newspaper;
  • placed a new child into a kindergarten class;
  • spoke with a 6th grade student and decided a discipline issue (not real);
  • had lunch in the teachers’ lounge and sat and chatted with teachers (photo above); and more!

Brad said it best -- most of the other things that he could have won in the raffle could be purchased. His day with the principal as "principal for a day" was priceless to him (and to us).


howardsanders said...

Hi Jill,

This is why I love FACEBOOK. Great catching up on Zander--how big!!

Sarah said...

Wow, it's days like this that can change a kid's life.