Monday, April 11, 2011

A Small Misunderstanding


1. A failure to understand something correctly.

Here's the background:

Cassandra has a little self-propelled ride-on car which we keep in the house for reasons which I am still not sure. She often likes Zander to push her around in the car. By now, Zander is fairly used to requests from Cass, including thing like: "Zander: Ding Ding," which means he should feed her and simultaneously say "ding ding," etc.

So, one day recently Cassandra was scooting herself around on the little car. She decided she'd rather have Zander push her around, so she parked the car and went to find him.

In her cute little two-year-old voice she asked, " push me?" To which Zander, somewhat surprised by the question said, "Sure!" Then he took both hands and gave her a good shove.

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