Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who is this boy and where is my son?

Zander had been on some mild roller coasters prior to the Spring Break trip. We weren't sure what to expect on the more exciting and scary attractions. After a few basic rides, we thought he was ready to try Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as his first thrill ride. From there we were going to gauge what to do next. Well, there was no looking back. He did the railroad coaster twice and moved straight on to Splash mountain which he also did twice. Later that afternoon, he experienced the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain (twice).

These rides might not mean much to anyone else, but I grew up in South Florida and went to Disney World many times. It blows my mind that now my child went on those same rides. It doubly blows my mind that Zander is that child.

The following day at Disney's Hollwood Studios, Zander rode the Tower of Terror (twice!). Here he is posing in front of the Rock n' Rollercoaster, which he also went on (thanks in large part to his father's fast pass skills):

Also at Hollywood Studieo, he tried out for American Idol. He was actually too young for an official tryout, but they let him go through the motions:

Below is a photo of him in front of Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (third day), which he road three times (thanks to the child swap pass and fast pass). Are you getting tired yet? How about nauseous? 'Cause my stomach was queasy after Expedition Everest, but he wanted to keep right on going.

Not pictured, but also on the list of enjoyed rides: Mission: Space (Epcot), Soarin' (Epcot), and many, many more. For the record, he/we went on lots of non-rollercoaster rides too.

Finally, here he is during out last day in Florida jumping from a three-meter diving board:

Who is this boy and where is my son?!

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