Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Babies, babies, babies

For Cassandra, a good part of the trip to Florida and Disney was about babies. We gave her this baby at the airport before we left (new toys are part of my distract-the-children technique of traveling):

It's name is "Tiny Baby."

A day later, she got "Big Baby" as a present from her great, great Aunt Nettie (92 years old). She spent most of the next week dressing, undresssing, and putting these babies to sleep. ("She" being Cassandra, not Aunt Nettie.)

Here's Cassandra putting Tiny Baby, Big Baby, unknown-stuffed-thing-found-at-rental-house, and Popeye all down for a nap:

And just for the record, in her own words (out of the blue), here is Cassandra emphatically "NOT pinching Big Baby:"

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