Monday, June 6, 2011

Ye Olde 7th Birthday Party

I spend a lot of time explaining how I "lower the bar" these days in terms of what I find acceptable. My house is a lot less neat than I'd like it to be and I'm a lot less organized that I used to be. Half the time, I have so many details swimming in my head that I forget why I came in the room in the first place. Wait, what was I going to blog about?

Well, for the record, Zander's 7th birthday party is *not* an example of lowering the bar. Every year I say, "never again" yet every year I/we end up stressing way too much over the details of his birthday. We keep trying to steer him to having a party somewhere other than our home -- say, for example, a nice bounce house place where they do all the party planning for you. Heck, they often provide the invitations and the goody bags. No luck though. (For the record item #1: he was debating between the following themes for the party: aliens, karate, and colonial.) We ended up with a colonial theme, although a hybrid of all three would have interesting.

Activities included bobbing for apples, sack races, three-legged races, foursquare, make-your-own-spice-sachet, painting a clubhouse, and more. A friend of the family (affiliated with Cassandra's school) came dressed in full colonial garb and brought her goat (see photo above).

Oh, we also had a colonial moon bounce. Okay, so it wasn't colonial. (For the record #2: I was *strongly* against the moon bounce as I thought we didn't need it and it would ruin the colonial ambiance. But in hindsight, it allowed the children to burn off lots of excess energy from the rock candy.)

A huge thanks to the many people who helped make the party a success: Brad (my full partner in planning and execution), Grandma Paula and Pap-Pap, the Mitchells, Savannah, Rebecca, Betsy of Vranko Village, Lisa Bloch, Levi Wallach, the Karkowski family, and Grandma Susan. (For the record #3: Many of the people on this list are there because they patiently listened to me bitch and moan and stress, or maybe they put the phone down while I talked. Doesn't matter. It helped. Thanks.)

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