Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Puddles

It's rare that Brad asks me to post something here as he knows I already feel bad about not posting enough and he doesn't want to add any pressure. But he asked that I post this and I agree that it shows a few important things:

  • how we have changed as parents since Zander was this age and that we actually support -- even encourage this behavior; and
  • a demonstration of just a sliver of the joy Cassandra gets from jumping in puddles and being all-around-wet.

P.S. The loud hissing sound in the background is from crickets. Cassandra is saying "My bottom is wet mama! My bottom is wet!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Next time you think your child isn't paying attention, think again.

Zander started Taekwondo in June and, unavoidably, Cassandra has sat through a few of the classes. Usually she spends the time yelling, "I see Zander" while I keep reminding her to whisper.

But I was shocked when she counted to ten in Korean the other night. I don't know that she understands the words. Scratch that. I'm sure she does *not* understand the words, but she *has* memorized them...

Here's the real Korean (from wikiHow):
1 = 하나 = Ha-na
2 = 둘 (dhul)
3 = 셋 (seht)(t is almost silent)
4 = 넷 (neh) nett (t is almost silent)
5 = 다섯 (DA-seot)(t is silent)
6 = 여섯 (Yeo-seot)(t is silent)
7 = 일곱 (il-gop)
8 = 여덟 (YUH-deol)
9 = 아홉(AH-hop) (say as one syllable)
10 =열 (yeol)