Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Next time you think your child isn't paying attention, think again.

Zander started Taekwondo in June and, unavoidably, Cassandra has sat through a few of the classes. Usually she spends the time yelling, "I see Zander" while I keep reminding her to whisper.

But I was shocked when she counted to ten in Korean the other night. I don't know that she understands the words. Scratch that. I'm sure she does *not* understand the words, but she *has* memorized them...

Here's the real Korean (from wikiHow):
1 = 하나 = Ha-na
2 = 둘 (dhul)
3 = 셋 (seht)(t is almost silent)
4 = 넷 (neh) nett (t is almost silent)
5 = 다섯 (DA-seot)(t is silent)
6 = 여섯 (Yeo-seot)(t is silent)
7 = 일곱 (il-gop)
8 = 여덟 (YUH-deol)
9 = 아홉(AH-hop) (say as one syllable)
10 =열 (yeol)