Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skiing 2012

Check out my girl on the slopes in the video below. Sure it's nothing fancy, but her older brother couldn't go to ski school at this age (3) because he wasn't quite potty trained. (I take full credit for screwing up his potty-learning process. Cassandra, on the other hand, pretty much potty trained herself.)

Anyway, she was a little teary-eyed in the morning when we dropped her off, but did fine for the rest of the day (and the three days that followed).

Now, check out my boy. The mountain was empty the first few days we were there. As a result, his group lesson was actually a private lesson with an awesome instructor. Here he is on our last days of skiing. I'm following behind him just in case...

Me? I heart NASTAR, amateur ski racing and spent much of my time on the slopes racing against myself (and the clock). Brad would say I'm obsessed. I just say I'm good. Highlights are below, but here are my full results.

No video of Brad because usually he's too fast to catch.

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